Sister Falco is a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Zambia Lusaka Mission. She will train at the South Africa MTC and arrive in Zambia on June 10th.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Area, New Companion

December 15, 2014

Hey family and friends!!!!!

Hope all is well with everyone!!

Well, this was my last week in Area 47. It’s a great area and I am really sad to leave it but it’s all good!! I am very grateful to have met the people that I did. And, we found some pretty sweet families this week which is super nice!!! Man I can't believe I am leaving!!! But at least I can go on exchanges there. J It will be great!!

We had MLC (Mission Leader Conference) and it was very good!! It was a lot of fun. We did it on the Internet with Skype. President Erickson is the best!!!! He is so cool! We talked about starting a “Standard of Excellence” in the mission. This hasn't been done here before but our mission president is ready and will create it with the APS or maybe start in January. Oh--for the next MLC, we will be flying to LUSAKA, Zambia instead of using Skype. This will be sometime in January. It should be sweet!!

We really did have a week of miracles!!!!! James, an investigator who was avoiding us and lives in Area 47, randomly showed up to church this week!! It was so SWEET!! Like such a miracle!!!!!! And then some random guy that the elders contacted in Mtsiliza showed up at church and he LOVED IT!! Another miracle!!! And then this guy who we have been teaching in Area 47 finally came to church too!!  His name is Brother Beeto and he is so sweet!! I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to teach him. He put his Book of Mormon in a protective case! Sunday was the best—really a miracle Sunday! I am truly grateful that my last Sunday in my area was so good!!

This transfer is kind of weird because I’m staying in the same zone and apartment just working in a different "area”. I don’t know how to explain it!! It feels like I haven't really left and that’s kind of nice.

I am now companions with Sister Quaye!! She is from Ghana and is the best!!! I am really excited to be with her!!:)

Well I think that wraps up this week!!

I am truly grateful to be a missionary. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!!

I love you all!!

Sister Falco

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jaw Issues, Baptism and Transfer

December 1, 2014
Hey Family and Friends

So bad news first...
I need $500 to fix my jaw. So if you could get that in the bank account as soon as possible, that would be great. The mission insurance doesn’t cover it.
Good News…The baptism went great!! I don’t know what else to say!! It was the best!! She is a sweet lady!! I am grateful that I got to teach her. And also right now we are working in a three some so I have a hunch I’ll be transferred very soon--probably December 15th.  That is when Sister Orr is leaving to go home.
Working in a three some is way fun actually!!!

We found some pretty sweet people…two families, which is awesome!!!!!!!!!! It’s like a miracle knowing the time frame we are allowed to work in. Most people work in my area so it’s hard to find families at home when our curfew is so early.

Mission is the best. The Church is true! Sorry there isn't much time to write. I had to go to the Jaw place and then my companion had to do her hair.

Love you!!
Sister Falco


December 7, 2014
Hey Family and Friends,

How is everyone doing? This week was great!! A fun thing that happened is we went to a member’s house for dinner in Area 12. Families are the best!  This family is so sweet. I don’t know how to explain it but having a family that is centered on the Gospel makes the home just so sweet and so friendly. The spirit was so strong. I hope that I will be able to one day have a home similar to theirs. I don’t really know how to describe it but it’s been a long time since I have been in a home with such a spirit. It was very awesome!!!

So good news and bad news! I’m being transferred to Kalombo Branch next Monday. I am pretty excited. But I am way sad about leaving my Lilongwe people. I am excited though because I know many of the people there because of exchanges I’ve done, etc. Their branch is a little bit poorer than my area so that will be a change. I’m used to having the big houses with the toilets! haha Very few people have flushing toilets in my new area but it will be great. I’m excited but I am also very sad. I have been thinking I’d be transferred ever since I was put in a three some so it’s not unexpected. It’s crazy when you leave people though that you have been serving for six months! Crazy hard!! But it will be fine and good. Also I will be driving the truck--so stoked about that—even though I’m scared to drive in Malawi
My jaw is better.

We also had zone conference. It was sweet!!! I am grateful for my mission president and his wife. They do a lot for our mission. It’s so big--I can’t imagine!! My mission president is tops. I love him. He told us that we won’t be opening any new areas like Kasunga or any of those where there are groups gathering because we need to strengthen our center before we go and establish more branches. All I know is the General Authorities are inspired; they do things the Lord’s way, not our way.  Malawi is currently the fastest growing country in the Southeast Area of Africa. Sweet right??! It’s crazy sometimes I feel like its not growing at all but I guess it’s doing well!
Well, that's all for now. Hope all is well at home.

I love the Gospel!

Love, Sister Falco

Monday, November 24, 2014

When it Rains in Africa, it Pours!

Dear Family and Friends!!

This week has been pretty normal!! haha I don’t know what to say anymore. Saukalani’s mom is progressing very well!! Saukalani’s a branch missionary that works with us and is super awesome!!! Completing families is the sweetest!!!

Sister Thomas will be baptized next week on the 30th!! She is the best!! She doesn't speak a squat of English, doesn't even read Chichewa but I love that woman to death. She grew up and both of her parents were blind. It is very humbling to be with her. I want to know how to help someone so uneducated grow and develop in the Gospel. It’s a hard situation but I am grateful to teach her. I truly believe the Lord will take all things into consideration when we are judged.

James lives in 47/2 and is progressing very well!! He wants to be baptized on December 28th! We were thinking about moving it forward because he is ready but we might have to keep it the same because he missed church this Sunday.  He had to go and see a friend. He’s the guy who when we asked a member to teach him with us, they ended knowing each other. They were COLLEGE FRIENDS and went to school together!! It was so sweet to witness that tender mercy.

OH MAN!!! We had our first African rain this week. When it rains in Africa, it POURS!!!!! We were drenched from head to toe!!!! We were out for an appointment but it fell through and our back up also fell through. We were in the rich area so no one let us in their house to teach. It was freezing cold after but felt nice!! I am grateful that the hot season is ending!!

I am grateful for the area I serve in. My recent converts are doing well except for Anita Nyondo. She was baptized Sept. 28. Her mom is very sick so she has to go and visit her for like a month!! And she has already missed three Sundays because she was helping her Mom. I just hope the missionaries follow up when she gets home... Or I follow up! Depending on if I am still in this area.

Thanksgiving looked like fun!! Wait isn't it this coming week?! (We had Thanksgiving dinner with my brother on Sunday and posted photos in our email—which is why she was confused.) I love the Smiths so much. They are definitely the funniest people ever!! I am grateful for the relationship we have with them!!!

The Gospel is true and I am truly grateful to be a missionary. 

Love you all!

Sister Falco

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Loving Lilongwe

Hey Family and Friends,

Well this week has been awesome! We basically hit every goal we set so that was sweet!!

Sister Thomas! These people humble me. So this woman has never been taught by missionaries but has been coming to church here and there for about a year. We started teaching her. We needed some information for the baptismal record.  She is blind and when we asked her to sign the baptismal record, we realized she didn’t know how to sign her name! Talk about culture shock. You get to know and love these people in the slums and forget what their circumstances are until you take the time to ask. And it’s humbling because they seem so happy and normal. She has been to church for five weeks in a row so we’re excited. We’re taking our time with her so she’ll be a solid member—not go less active, since that happens a lot, especially in the slums.

Remember that picture I sent of Enock at his baptism and I said his dad will be baptized one day? Well, he will be very soon! We are hoping for December 28, maybe even earlier. He came to church this Sunday! We went and picked him up because he hasn't been keeping this commitment. It was pretty sweet walking with their family to church. I love these people I am not ready to leave Lilongwe Branch for a long time. It’s the BEST!!!

We met a great investigator in area 47 named James. He is funny and makes jokes all the time. We had a super sweet moment when we invited a member to come with us to teach him and the member and him were like best friends. I love moments like these--miracles from our Heavenly Father. And if someone joins the Church from area 47, it’s always a miracle :) :) :) I am so grateful to be a missionary.

My district is the BEST!! I am really grateful for them!! Right when I don't know what I think of my district, they change my mind and make me love them. We have a new Zone leader and he is literally the coolest guy ever! His name is Elder Cholo. He is like the most humble and a powerful missionary!! I love serving around these people! I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to serve with obedient missionaries. So many people told me that their biggest surprise on mission was getting there and seeing all the disobedience of missionaries. Well, I haven’t seen it. I’m so blessed.

Well, that’s all for now. I love you! And thanks for all you do!!

Sister Falco

Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hey Family and Friends,

I used to think the sweetest moments on mission were when our investigators got baptized, but I’ve learned instead that it’s when your recent converts progress like crazy. SO SWEET!! I am so grateful to be able to work with the people here in Malawi. I love people. I think being around people and talking with people is number one on my list of favorite things. I love it! It’s the best. So grateful to be able to serve a mission!! Sister Lunguzi and Steven Lunguzi have shown me there is a difference between knowing the Gospel, reading the scriptures, and living the Gospel. They understand and apply the Gospel and it’s the sweetest experience to see this. I love them. Best people ever!! :)

Training is going good! My companion is good!

Well an update on investigators--I am so impressed with Geophrey! He is a general manager for a non-profit company and he is SO GOOD!!! Like awesome! I don’t know how to explain it. I love when you just connect with people and he is just one of those people. Like you meet them and you automatically love them. He would be a great leader in the church. I pray it works out for him!!!!

Raymond—I’m still am upset about him. We didn't really even try to see him this week, wanted to give him a break but we are having Steven Lunguzi go and talk to him to see if he can figure out what his concerns are. So hopefully that will work out. This guy named James who lives in area 47 came to church, which was sweet!! Oh, we had a baptism this Sunday, too. So great!!

So anyways! This week I have thought a lot about justice and mercy. Sometimes we think, "Oh that's a gray area" so we really don’t have to follow it. But as we read in the scriptures, things are pretty black and white. The scriptures give us the two extremes because we are expected to live the extreme. We might fall short here and there and that’s why we need the Savior. When we justify our actions, we fall short of the blessings that come when fully living as God wants us to. The Savior knows our intents and he knows our heart. I want to always follow Richard G Scott’s advice, LIVE WELL WITHIN THE BOUNDS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS THE LORD HAS SET!

Love you!!!!

Sister Falco

Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 3, 2014

Hey Family and Friends,

This week has been super good!! We’ve had some “father-led” lessons, which is always great and taught several in Area 47, which is even better!! We met two guys both named Geoffrey!! One was planning to be a priest but for some reason changed his mind. He is very aware of the dark ages or apostasy and agreed to read the Book of Mormon!! The other Geoffrey goes to a Pentecostal church but is interested in learning more about ours.

We went and visited Brother Mkwandawiri (the investigator from forever ago) and he thinks our Church is true but he doesn’t fully understand why he needs to leave his Church. This guy is pure. Our hope is to get him to read the Book of Mormon every night and hopefully he will progress and have the desire to come and visit. We will see! He’s a good guy!

This week someone asked me what it means to depend on the Lord so I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic. To me, depending on the Lord means we are humble, knowing we can't do anything without him. It doesn’t mean that we spend time putting ourselves down. I love the example of the yoke used with oxen.  If one animal is doing more work than the other, then they will go in circles. They need to be equally yoked to move forward. We all have access to God and if we seek God, we’ll find Him. Investigators sometimes don’t progress because they don't take the time to seek God. They are comfortable where they are. It comes down to agency. If we want to PROGRESS in life, we need to yoke ourselves with God and work hard to follow His ways.

Well…I love you guys!! You’re GOOD PEOPLE. Remember to read your scriptures and pray!

Sister Falco :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Conference & 5 Months Down!

October 27, 2014
Hey family and friends,

This week has been really good. My new district is great. I love them all--good people who want to work hard. Change is always good. We finally got to watch Conference. Probably my favorite talk was Elder Uchtdorf’s when he talked about receiving a testimony. I loved when he talked about space and how once people assumed that beyond the Milky Way, there was nothing.  And then with more powerful telescopes, we learned that this wasn’t true—the heavens were filled with so many galaxies. That analogy blew my mind. I loved it. No one thought it was possible until it was done. I loved how he related this to finding light and truth. I am grateful for prophets and apostles. They are truly called of God. And what great examples they are of people who have given their lives to serve the Lord and really try to serve with all their heart, might, mind, and strength.
Raymond is totally avoiding us. It’s the worst. I don’t think I have ever really gotten emotional over an investigator but this is hard! I think its because I know he’s a good guy and has a really good heart. We won’t give up on him yet!!

We met a new investigator, Steven Michael! He will be a missionary one day! He is totally prepared. He came to all of General Conference!!! SUPER SWEET!!!!! Most of the members didn’t even stay for all of Conference! And Steven Lunguzi--the recent convert--stayed for ALL of Conference too. These people humble me. They are so devoted. And General Conference took longer to watch because every talk had to be translated by a member into Chichewa!

My companion is great. Her family are all members of the church but her parents are less active. Even with that, she still came on mission! I am so impressed with people who go on mission with little or no support.  She is a good person!

Well I am grateful to be a missionary. And I am grateful to know that the Gospel is true. I hope and pray that you all are trying your hardest to live the Gospel.

Love you!!
Sister Falco

 Sister Muthengo from Kenya & Sister Falco

Crazy Week!

Bad Mom...this is coming a week late. I was out of town and didn't have much access to the computer so here it is and this week's email is coming right away.
October 20, 2014

This week has been a crazy one for sure!!!!! I’ve been in a three-some waiting for my new companion to arrive.  We had big plans to work a few days in their area and a few days in mine but things happened that made it impossible to get to my area.
We went first to the home of one of the other sisters’ investigators and walk in and there are two dead-looking people on the floor! The mom is throwing up and the father is talking nonsense. We’re not sure what to do so Sister Orr decides to call our mission president’s wife, Sister Erickson. She agreed with us that we should take them to the hospital. So, we spent all of Sunday at the hospital. Monday was P-day and that evening we visited them again. (I asked Carly this week what they were sick with and it was Malaria). Tuesday we had zone conference, which was sweet. Then when we are parking the truck to work the area, a car hits our truck! And, this is the best part--we call 990 (Malawi’s 911) and there’s a recording that says, "the number you have dialed is unavailable right now." Only in Africa!! So I start stopping mini buses (taxis) asking anyone if they have a number for the police. We finally got the number and the police came and then took us to their office. It was clearly the other guy’s fault but they said it was ours. They asked us to come back the next day so they could have time to find more witnesses. We returned the next day and brought our Branch president’s wife who is a police officer. They didn't even argue and told us that it was the other guy’s fault! Crazy right!
Wednesday we spent the morning picking up the people from the hospital and Thursday we picked up my companion from the airport. So… it was a crazy few days and we never got to my area. My new companion is from Kenya and really sweet and will be a great missionary. She and I worked on her lessons and did get out and found some new investigators!

Brother Ntali agreed to pray and be baptized if he comes to know what we’re teaching is true!! We’re excited about that. Our goal is to teach more with members present…just wish there were more members in our area!
Raymond agreed to be baptized on November 23rd! We just need to help him overcome his addiction. So we will see!! SO PRAY Like crazy! I love this guy!! We taught Jeffrey Lunguzi (Sister Lunguzi’s son). The lesson started off kind of awkward but it ended strong and I think he is interested in learning more!!! So pray for him too!! We met McLean Kalipindi who is Steven Lunguzi’s friend and we are going to teach him hopefully with Steven there to help him feel more comfortable. And, we had a baptism this Sunday!

So even with all of the craziness, this week has been really great!  I know that this Church is true and I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. I hope I never take for granted this opportunity I have been given and I hope I do my best all the time.

Love you all!!!!  YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!
Sister Falco! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All is GREAT and No Fear of Ebola

October 8, 2014

Hey family and friends!!!!

This week has been great!! For those of you who are asking, I don’t know my new companion yet because I won’t meet her until Thursday. Until then I will be in a threesome with Sister Orr and Sister Proctor. They are both good, good sisters and I’m excited! I also have not watched Conference.  It won’t be here in Africa until October 26th. I did get to watch the Women’s Conference last Monday! It was great. The power has been out today. Man, this place! It’s so funny sometimes! It’s the best though.

I had an interview with my mission president recently. He’s a great guy and the best example of someone who serves with all their heart, might, mind and strength. He is so loving and compassionate and so faithful. I am blessed to know him. My mission president told me that I will be training my new companion. I think she is from Kenya but don’t quote me on that.

Sister Lunguzi is easily the most perfect investigator and member! She is the most charitable person I have ever met. She told us a story about a sweet family that was super poor and she decided to build them a small house. Now, she doesn’t have a ton of money. That same month, the Church asked her if they could rent her house for their meetings. So basically she spent money on someone else and then the church paid her to rent her home. I don’t know if I ever made that clear in any of my emails home, but she has been the landlord for the Branch for 4 years. She said it was a miracle. And everything she does, she does it out of love. She is one of those ladies that truly understands charity and forgiveness. She has been through a lot. She was married to a Madala (a big guy) and there was a family feud. She lost almost everything because she was the second wife. She has completely forgiven the “step kids and family.” She is so sweet. And currently she is offering shelter to a young girl whose family is trying to marry her off, but she is only 12.  I look up to Sister Lunguzi more than anything. It was a blessing to teach her and bless her life with the Gospel. Oh and we baptized her son, Steven Lunguzi, this Saturday.

Anita is coming to church and Enock is doing well. We are hoping to teach Enock’s father. He has allowed his whole family, including all the kids to join the church. He did come to Enock’s baptism but hasn’t made it to Church. He’s a good guy, super sweet. “I pray everyday to know if Prophet Joseph Smith is a true prophet, and I pray everyday that your sins will be forgiven.” Who says that! Only this guy! His kids tell us that he used to refuse to meet with missionaries and we are the first ones he has met with.

Raymond came to church!! This guy! I love him!!! He has made some mistakes in his life. But honestly HE IS THE BEST!! He is always laughing and he has a genuine heart and wants to know if the Church is true. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he just laughed because he knows he has a huge problem with it. But he is progressing and I pray that things will work out.

Dickson lives in Mtsiliza. HE’S GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Well kind of haha. He knows everything is true But he won’t come to church. He is like one of those investigators that understands everything and prays about things and can retell you the lessons perfectly. But he struggles to come to church. Last week he said he had to take his daughter somewhere which was probably true. And this week he said he had a headache and was sick. I mean you can only give him the benefit of the doubt for so long because we want to use our time the best we can.

Susan will be getting baptized next week. She’s 16. She always comes to church with the Chatango family (Enock’s).

Well that’s all for this week. Is Ebola still spreading? I have heard that it is. People aren’t afraid of it getting here at all. And I’m not either.
Love you all!!!!!! Mission is sweet!!

Sister Falco

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Internet Issues

October 6th, 2014

Hello all…

So I wrote this week’s email on Word and then we lost Internet. We had to move to another Internet café after waiting a while. So I’m sorry if this email is short—the original one is gone!! And, it was a good one!

Here’s the VERY short version! MY WEEK WAS SWEET!! WE ARE MEETING SOME GREAT PEOPLE AND TEACHING SOME SWEET INVESTIGATORS!! I am sorry this is so short!! I promise it was longer!! Steven Lunguzi is being baptized on the 11th of October! And I’m getting a new companion this week. My companion is going home!! Pretty crazy!!

I was studying while my companion got her hair done. The topic was pride. And, yes, pride is the opposite of humility. As I’ve studied, I’ve come to know that charity is a good antidote for pride. Here is why:

"Pride is a sin that can readily be seen in others but is rarely admitted in ourselves. Most of us consider pride to be a sin of those on the top, such as the rich and the learned, looking down at the rest of us. But there is however a far more common ailment among us---and that is pride from the bottom looking up. It is manifest in so many ways, such as faultfinding, gossiping, backbiting murmuring, living beyond our means, envying, coveting, withholding gratitude and praise that might lift another and being unforgiving and jealous."

I’ve learned that the best way to stop doing something isn't just to stop it, but to replace it with something good. So what’s the opposite of pride? Looking for the good in others, speaking well about others, being positive, living within our means, being kind and wishing the best for others.

So I feel like developing charity is the best way to combat pride. (I hope combat is the right word.)
And I have discovered that 99% of the time if we have a problem with someone, it is us not them that has the problem.

That’s my little bit of inspiration for the week. I am thankful for everyone who wrote me and has supported me!! And I love you all!!!


Sister Falco!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Time's Flying...4 Months Out!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week in Malawi has been great!! We are meeting some super sweet people and having some awesome investigators. Mission is the best. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to be on a mission. It’s a privilege. It really is. And every missionary should realize the blessing it is to be a part of this work.  Well I can’t believe that I’ve been out for four months. It is crazy to me that I am that old!! Mission is flying by. But it’s the best. I don’t want to have any regrets and I want to serve the Lord with all my heart, mind, and strength.

We had a baptism this Sunday. I love the Lunguzi family! We baptized Sera, Sister Lunguzi’s granddaughter, and then after we went and visited with the family. Sera’s dad is ready for baptism and so are Elizabeth and Steven. It’s sweet. Edward, her father, doesn’t stay in their area. I love how this Gospel is centered on families and what a blessing to see this family being blessed with it. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to see a recent convert affect her family so much. I am grateful for this family and so grateful to be a missionary.

One of my favorite investigators is named Raymond. I love this guy. He is colored. If he doesn’t get baptized I think I will cry. I want him to have the blessings of the Gospel so bad!!  We met with him this week and he lives with a disabled kid that he took in from the village. Raymond has a sweet story. He already had the Book of Mormon when we met him. He got it in  the UK when he went to attend his grandma’s funeral. Raymond is the best. He is always happy and very honest and very willing to change. He came to church this Sunday. Answer to my prayers! Woot woot!

We met a guy named Dixon forever ago. He introduced himself and is a Baptist. He kept talking about all his duties as a Baptist and so we never really put in the effort to see him. And then one day we decided to call him and he let us know he’d read the pamphlet on the Restoration and he knew it was true! I hope he continues progressing. He has a lot of connections with the Baptist church so we will see. But he came to church this Sunday so that’s super sweet! And our first lesson with him was super funny. We talked about the Restoration and I was sharing the first vision and I forgot the phrase “pointing to the other.” And Dixon corrected me! Hahaha

Well I have been studying the Doctrine and Covenants. Our zone has challenged each other to read it in two weeks. I really love it. It’s made me want be a better missionary. I hope to be able to serve the best I can with no regrets. And honestly the more I study about God, the more I realize how much he expects from us, but at the same time he has this unconditional love for us. We have to put the Gospel first in our lives. God is forgiving and knows the intents of our heart. I am super stoked to have a family of my own. Its true…missions make you stoked for families.

Funny thing: I am writing this email on word, because there is no Internet here in Malawi.

I Love you… Remember to read your scriptures and pray and go to the
temple. Make the Gospel a priority!

Sister Falco!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mission is THE BEST!!

September 22, 2014

This week has been a great week. The only thing I have to say is that Sister Lunguzi is going to be a POWERFUL member. She is the best! She is the sweetest lady. She is doing family home evening. She is living the Gospel. We gave her son and his wife a baptismal date and we told Sister Lunguzi and she literally jumped for joy…like screamed out loud she was so happy. This woman. She is the best. She's been through a lot and it’s amazing how much the Gospel makes her happy. She invited us in and she told us all about her other kids and how we can contact them to share the Gospel with them. Its sweet. She is so excited to go to the temple. Man I love this woman. It’s the biggest blessing to have known her. I love her. Its crazy to think we contacted her like the first four weeks I was on mission and she had no interest and now she is a crazy strong member. We walked out of the lesson and we asked her about this mini bus that she has parked outside of her house. "Sister Lunguzi, whose mini bus is this?" "Oh it’s mine." "What? Since when? Did you just buy it?" “No I rent it out to people and then they pay me to use it but you guys told me to keep the Sabbath day holy, and I don't want other people working on the Sabbath." WHAT? Like we didn't even ask her to do that. We taught her about the Sabbath day and she just did it. Man she’s the perfect investigator. Mission is sweet. Why? Because of the people and the opportunity to serve the Lord. I love it here. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!

I love my mission. It’s the best. Malawi Lilongwe is the best branch there is. Haha just kidding the Church is the best anywhere it is. But the people here! Man they are the best. They are so willing to serve the Lord. I love every one of them.

It’s amazing to realize that as your desire comes closer to the Lords desire, the work isn't tiresome. It’s THE BEST. Yes, there are moments when you are discouraged. But really and truly, it’s great. I love every moment of being a missionary. And the biggest thing I’ve learned is humility. I’ve come to know that if I RELY on the LORD, then I will feel satisfied with the work even if I don't have success. Trusting in the Lord is really the answer to problems in life. I am so grateful to be a missionary. I love it. I love being a missionary. I’m pretty sure I have said that a million times but its true.

I loved this is a letter from our mission president and wanted to share.

Elders and Sisters,

Sometimes you don't see the same information I see as it relates to how we are doing as a mission. I wanted to pass on to you some numbers that I expect would be of interest. Each month we look at the average weekly baptisms we had for that month. For example, if in February we had 20 baptisms the average weekly baptisms of the month would be 5. In the last few months we can see a solid increase in our numbers.
2.5 May
5.5 June
8.2 July
14.5 August

and, we had 18 baptisms last week.

Baptisms aren't the only measure of our success and we all do so much in other ways but I still think you should be pleased to see the growth we're experiencing.

In the next couple of months, after a few more authorizations, we expect to see more member districts and even the first Stake in our mission. We will see more branches being created and more of the blessings of the fullness of the Gospel felt among the members and their families.

It is a reality that you are only here for a few (18-24) months and are eager to see things change and to witness growth while you're here. Sister Erickson and I are here for 3 years and want to see the same things.  However, our spiritual advisors, the area presidency (usually 5 years) and ultimately the First Presidency and the Twelve (Life) oversee work that is eternal and have a healthy long-term perspective that we can rely on. Please be patient even as you work diligently each day. Your greatest witness you will have about the success of your mission work will be the depth of your love of the Savior and your faith that this work is divine. This will be the product of your great efforts and of your faithful service.

Love you all so much and I am so proud of the work we are doing together.

President Erickson

His letter reminds me of one of my favorite scriptures: "But all things must come to pass in their time. Wherefore, be not weary in well doing, for ye are laying the
foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great."
I love how this scripture relates to missionary work. It brings a lot of comfort to me. It also relates to people. Sometimes in life, we get lazy in our personal lives and our families. We don't want to do the things that keep our families secure and safe in the Gospel. And i love how it says "BE NOT WEARY." Sometimes we want to see success immediately. Sometimes we have a child that falls away from the church but by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. I love what Elder Scott says: " I offer some final thoughts for those who love a family member who is not making good choices. That can challenge our patience and endurance. We need to trust in the Lord and in his timing, that a positive response to our prayers and rescue efforts can occur. We do all that we can to serve, to bless and to submissively acknowledge God's will in all things... with faith we can know that this straying loved one is NOT abandoned but is in the watch care of a loving Savior.
Have a great week!
Love you all!
Sister Falco

 Sister Lungunzi with her family and the Sisters