Sister Falco is a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Zambia Lusaka Mission. She will train at the South Africa MTC and arrive in Zambia on June 10th.

Friday, June 27, 2014

~Sister Falco & Sister Ntuli~
Lilongwe, Malawi
"We call him "Einstein". We aren't teaching him but see him all the time. One day we will!"

June 23, 2014

June 16, 2014

Nothing too exciting happened today except after Pday!! We emailed at the internet café and it is horrible hahaha! Later we emailed again because my companion’s sister is in the hospital!! But I didn’t really get on because nothing new happened in the middle of the night!! My mission president isn’t strict about emailing—we can email all day as long as our companion is not just sitting there! But he does care about traveling around on Pday to see the touristy areas. No beuno! A guy started talking to me and telling me I wasn’t Christian cause I cut my hair! It was so funny! I feel bad though cause I just start laughing and I shouldn’t but it’s so funny and so hard for me to not laugh all the time. We taught a Ugandan FAMILY!! It was the best!! So spiritual! Man missions are THE BEST!! They really are! SO Great! And so awesome!!! We talked about eternal families! AND THEY LOVED IT! They are really Catholic!! But they have so much potential!! They fed us a small dinner! The Ugandan family was in Area 9, which is a very Muslim place with a Muslim temple. So we aren’t allowed to teach many in that area so we’re happy to find a family to teach there!! And not just anyone! A great, great family!

I feel like our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so loving. I love the verse in 1 Nephi 21:14-16 that talks about how our Father in Heaven doesn’t forget us. I wonder what it’s truly like to lose one of your children. It has to be hard. I can’t even imagine. If you look at the prophets they are literally begging us to come to Christ. And God talks through the prophets! It shows the love He really does have for us. He literally is begging us to come back. He also talks about every member a missionary. Remember that. Just cause I’m on a mission doesn’t mean you can’t help with the work. Especially you mom you have SO many friends who don’t know about the Gospel. Although our Heavenly Father is merciful, he still is just, and who satisfied the demands of justice? Jesus Christ. Its important to remember our Heavenly Father does love us but he expects a lot. His plan shows the love He has for us.

June 17, 2014

Today was the best day ever!! We taught Andrew and he said he prayed and felt joy that he knew the Restoration was true. Missions are THE best. They really are so cool! I can’t believe it! He is struggling to accept the Book of Mormon. He says he can find revelation through the Bible so why would he need a Book of Mormon! BUT, still AWESOME, right?! He has been avoiding us a lot lately but we’ll keep trying.

We also taught Steven the Plan of Salvation! THIS MAN IS SO HUMBLE!! He believes different stuff but accepts what we are teaching him immediately! It’s so awesome how willing he is to learn!! Humble people are great!! His dad is in charge of something in the Catholic Church so it will be hard so pray for him and his family.

Mkwandari!! AWESOME GUY!! He’s probably my favorite guy ever!! He is so awesome! He is so humble! He is an elder for the Presbyterian Church but he is absorbing everything we are teaching! We haven’t taught the Restoration yet! But he loves the Plan of Salvation and eternal families! We gave him a picture of the temple and he wants to go so bad! It’s hard because every church pays their people to work for them but if they know it’s true then they’ll be willing to give it up. Heavenly Father made the greatest sacrifice for us by letting his Son come to the earth and atone for our sins. And this was done for all of us so we have to be willing to sacrifice for Him as well.

THREE LESSONS in one day! Tons of fall-through lessons but that always happens TIA (This Is Africa) . We usually plan for nine lessons and always expect fall-throughs.

2 Nephi 1:25, shows the importance of doing things for the right reasons. Remember it’s never about recognition just following our Heavenly Father.

June 18 2014

MAN the mission is the best!!!!! My mission is already going by so fast I don’t want to come home! I miss you guys but you’ll be there in a year and a half and these people won’t! I love the people here!! So many people are mean to us too but its okay. We got canceled on a lot today.

We did taught Noah. He didn’t really understand the purpose of our visit but thought we were there just talking about God. But it was still good. The guard behind us was listening the whole time!! Sweet, right?! And we talked to him before we started with Noah because Noah was late (TIA). The guard is more interested than Noah so that’s good!!

FREDDY!! We taught Freddy!! He is AWESOME!! His father was a polygamist and his mother fed him beer when he was 10. But he has basically changed his whole life around!! Awesome guy!! He is a Pentecostal. Man they are tough--believe they are saved by grace, no works. But he has so much potential. He is VERY interested in how our church is organized with prophets and the 12!! He is like amazed!! That’s basically where we left off!

The Bible is so cool!!! It testifies of Christ and the Book of Mormon so much!!! IT’S SO COOL!! So many verses talk about the Restoration and the temple ordinances and the priesthood and everything. I wish I read the Bible more before my mission.

As I have come on my mission, I have learned a lot. I feel like I understand the relationship with our Heavenly Father a lot better. I feel like I understand how much he truly does love us and how much he truly does care for us and wants us to come back. I have felt so much love for these people. I can’t even imagine how our Heavenly Father feels about the people here. It must be so hard for Heavenly Father when people rebel because He loves them so much. I feel like the atonement is so perfect. It shows so much love but it also shows us that Jesus Christ did not just atone for our sins. We have to turn to him. We have to become clean through Him. Like everything in this Gospel, it shows how much Heavenly Father loves us.

June 19, 2014

We did a service project today!! Man it was awesome!!  I felt like I was back in Tijuana or Fiji or Uganda again!!! I loved it!! So much fun!! We worked on a farm with cow manure to help fertilize the plants. My companion and I were COVERED in manure and when we got home, the showers were turned off hahaha!! We served in the village--the most humbling place of my area. It’s great though. All our appointments fell through today but it was probably our fault. The service project went longer than expected and we couldn’t ride with the ZLS or DL because its not allowed. We had to go with the lady who owns the farm. And she was a little slow. Haaha but it’s still okay!! And it was still a great! We met with some members and some youth that are inactive! The priesthood is so needed in Africa. Well, actually punctuality is needed because no one comes in time to prepare the sacrament and we start a half an hour late every time!

June 20, 2014 - MIRACLES

We met with Grace who literally is the sweetest lady and lives next to the church. She has a Book of Mormon that the branch president gave her. She has been taught by missionaries and loves discussing the gospel. We talked about 2 Nephi 31, which talks about the authority to baptize, and she LOVED it! And it was so inspired that we talked about it because she asked us, “Why did Jesus walk all the way to John the Baptist?” The Lord is a miracle worker! We explained the priesthood quickly because we had to go but we will teach her again!  AWESOME right!!

The next guy we visited was Mkwandavi!! AMAZING moments like this make a mission all worth it! We talked with him about eternal families and he LOVED every second of it!! I wish I could describe it! That’s the thing--mission moments are indescribable. He is so humble and so willing to learn. He didn’t know he could be with his family again and when we told him, he was just shocked and amazed. He kept repeating things like “you have enlightened me” We asked, “Do you have any questions?” “No I agree with everything you are saying.” “Well we aren’t perfect teachers so we might be confusing” “No You are perfect; you are called by God to teach this message to me’. After the lesson, he said, “When we get up to Heaven, I will point you out to God and tell him that you two sisters were the ones who inspired me.” Man what a miracle lesson! (teared up a little).

The next guy we taught was so prepared by the Lord. He called us because he’d read a pamphlet and that NEVER happens but he did and we asked him why and he said, “Because you guys were different. To be honest, I’ve met many missionaries (Jehovah witnesses) but you guys were just different.” His concern was that his baptism was not done correctly. Man that was a miracle guy that just walked into our hands.

This first month of my mission has been amazing. It has made my whole mission worth it.

June 21, 2014

Today literally every lesson fell through. :( You can have the longest day though and still be happy.  We did teach two people. My weaknesses as a missionary is being bold. My companion is great--actually every African is great at the bold thing. But I am horrible at it. And I always start writing in my journal and go to bed a little late. So I’ve got to work on those two things.

BUT!! Missions are the best!! If I had days like today for the rest of my mission, my mission would still be the best! Lessons, personal study and learning the importance of prayer have changed my life.

Personal study has changed my life! It really has!! It’s so great! The Bible and Book of Mormon are so cool and they work hand in hand! I’ve read the scriptures before but studied them like I do here? Not really! And I promise myself to never just read my scriptures again. I wish everyone understood the beauty of really studying the Book of Mormon. It’s so awesome!

Teaching--I could write a whole page about teaching but I won’t. It’s indescribable. It’s the best feeling in the world when you see someone’s face light up, when you see something click and when you see them feel the Holy Ghost. It’s the best.

I set a goal to pray aloud and on my knees daily. I never did that before my mission. It changes your life, your perspective. Do it.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

CHURCH IS GREAT!! There are about 40 members!! And it’s awesome!!!

After church we met with a family that believes they are saved by grace. They are the greatest family ever. They fed us and we taught them a small lesson! Man they have so much potential to be amazing leaders.

Today we explored area 1 which is a dead area. There are huge houses but no one lives in them!! Except a miracle happened--we met a young girl who is so prepared to find the gospel. She said she lost Jesus and is just barely figuring out her life. She is very interested and is so stoked to read the Book of Mormon! Missions are full of miracles. Actually everyone’s life is filled with miracles

The best missionary advice I would give is to go and accept that you aren’t going to be perfect and don’t get upset with yourself when you mess up. Just rely on Heavenly Father and the atonement. I’m far from being a perfect missionary. My advice is to just go. Just do it and then rely on your Heavenly Father. It might be hard but its so WORTH it!! It’s the best decision I have ever made.  

Sister Falco

Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 16, 2014

Hi family and friends. . .

We arrived in Zambia and my mission has finally begun! Our mission president is a gentle and kind guy, but you can tell he is strict but in the best way possible. He is so loving. His wife is very sweet as well. The mission has doubled in size since my mission president has been here (1 year). The growth of the Church is awesome. They have to make strong center points and build out. Something that is even cooler about the growth is that the people are already meeting without any assistance from the missionaries.

My first area is in Milawi!! Lilongwe is a nice city, not like Johannesburg but we have hot water and we use the couples’ washer and dryer. And the BEST part--we have a truck! What a perfect mission!

The flight to Malawi was literally the craziest thing I have ever done. It was 1 hour and 45 minutes long and the airplane was about the size of a bus with 19 seats and 7 windows. Crazy! There was no bathroom and I had to go to the bathroom the whole time. And I could only bring one suitcase and the weight limit was 50 pounds. The AP's will bring the rest of my things when they visit my area.

The food is the same as in Uganda but the grocery stores are WAY nicer with more access to American food.  Road conditions are better than in Uganda and the people are AWESOME.

My companion and I are whitewashing an area. The area book has no investigators though... so yeah. It’s literally white washing with no direction. So we have been tracting and tracting and no one wants to hear our message. But it’s okay!!! We went and visited members the first day to find referrals and the spirit is so strong! It’s SO awesome!!! It really is!! The GOSPEL really is the best way to raise a family. It really is! If you remember what you are doing--you are bringing people unto Christ. It makes things a lot easier when you tract all day long and get one lesson in—it’s hard but it’s fine. It really does make things easier when you remember your purpose and the importance of what you are doing. The mission is awesome. It really is!!

We did get to teach Msue. She is AWESOME!! Super prepared by the Lord!!! She will be a golden investigator. She is a young girl and she is wondering about where she will go after life! She asked us for the Book of Mormon because someone gave her a pamphlet. She is a sweet, sweet girl!! She has such a good spirit about her!! I feel so much love for her even though I barely know her!!

We also taught Andrew--He is awesome and super sweet!! He’s a good guy!! And, we taught Jonathan--He is a Pentecostal and he believes that he is already in the kingdom of God. So he’s a little tough! His friend was there and was just telling us all his beliefs. Other than that we have just tracted!! but its still good!!

And English speaking mission?? haha funny. It’s Chewa (Malawi's main language) with English! Both for sure!!! Chewa is more common though!! President Mckay is genius. well…He relies on God obviously!! (President McKay blessed her with the gift of tongues when she was set apart).

I don’t know if I added this in my last email but this happened at the MTC.  They had investigators come and practice with us. I didn’t know it at the time but I had to teach a nonmember and the best part is I found out AFTER that the investigators were Elder Maakas family. He got to teach them after me. He told us that his family wasn’t interested in the Gospel before he left on his mission but when they were helping us practice, they ended up with a testimony. Both Elder Maaka and his family were crying!! I hope they get baptized or converted!! So awesome!!

I remember watching Elder Bednar’s video about Africa and how there are people meeting with no assistance from the missionaries and thinking that oh that’s so cool, but probably not that common! Well, it is common!! And, it’s happening in our mission too!!

There’s a place in Africa where 25-30 NONMEMBERS meet and act like a "branch" They even have an investigator class! UNREAL right!! How blessed I am to be serving in a place where the Church is so young and growing. Even though Satan is in war with righteousness, Heavenly Father’s power is ALWAYS greater. We have to remember that! We are never powerless if we depend on our Heavenly Father!

A minister just recently found the Book of Mormon. He has read it and believes it is true. He recently contacted the Church for copies. Cool, right? A minister!  But want to know what makes this story even cooler. He isn't just a minister of 20 or 30 people, but 400 people attend his CHURCH!! This CHURCH IS TRUE AND THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE!!

I have a testimony of this Gospel through prayer and consistently searching the scriptures. A boy could NOT translate or "write a book" so powerful unless it was through God. There is NO possible way. Every verse has meaning. It’s so powerful and amazing! And I’m grateful for this Gospel and everything I've learned! And because I know it’s true, I must DILIGENTLY seek after it. We must be constantly trying and reading and praying. God knew it wouldn't be easy so we needed to have a Savior!! What a blessing and perfect plan! He knew we would make mistakes so he gave us Christ BUT WE MUST turn our hearts to Christ and lean on him!

By the way, internet speed is HORRIBLE but our president let's us take as much time as we need with emails as long as we're respectful to our companion.



Friday, June 6, 2014

June 5, 2014

Here’s some responses to questions I sent:
1. When's your Pday and what time of day do you write your emails? Well, this is my last Pday here soo... haha :) I’m leaving for Zambia on Tuesday.
2. How's the food in the MTC? I don't really eat... haha :)
3. Did you ever find the small "Preach My Gospel"? Yes
4. Have you been to the temple? Yes, it was really cool!
5. How many missionaries are in the South Africa MTC and are they teaching any languages in this MTC? No, they are not teaching any languages, and there are 17 total missionaries, 8 in my district.
6. What's your daily schedule? Lessons, practice teaching, lessons, practice teaching, with a sports day.
7. Do you need us to send you anything? Not in South Africa, just food :)


The MTC is a wonderful place. I love the spirit here, and the Church is true. I love what they have taught us. One thing they taught us is that investigators need to trust us as missionaries. They taught us the famous triangle. As you grow close to your Heavenly Father you will be closer to your Investigators. As your investigator grows closer to your Heavenly Father, you will as well. This can be applied to many things in your life—husband, family and your companion.

I liked a lot what we talked about when we talked about the potential of people. What does the gospel bring us? It gives us security, purpose, peace, sense of belonging and much more. And what may someone who is drinking, and doing drugs looking for? Security, belonging, and much more. Everyone is searching for what the Gospel brings us! Most have no knowledge it’s what they are looking for. They put their trust in something other than the Lord. For example, one might put their faith in drugs, when in reality all they need to do is put their faith in our Heavenly Father. One of my religion teachers told me that Satan tries to be a copycat and I believe he is except with him there is an end to this "belonging.”

Anyway the first day at the MTC has convinced me that being a missionary will not be an easy experience. It has taught me that we must focus on others. I want to be the best missionary I can be--not because of myself, but because I want to help the Savior help his children. I am so grateful for this opportunity to share the gospel and be a full time missionary. I know I am far from perfect, but I WILL give my whole heart to the Savior. I WILL accept criticism and continue to grow. I WILL pray everyday with real intent. I WILL be 100% obedient. I WILL love my companion. I WILL be 100% focused on my mission. I will continue to use the gift of repentance. I WILL work and give the BEST I can for 18 months.

My companion name is sister Namatsa (BUTALI). She is so awesome!! I met her in Uganda last summer. What a tender mercy. I love this Gospel and I know it to be true.

We learned to be diligent in our study of the gospel. I love what it says in Alma 21: 7-10. You can RECEIVE the word of the Lord and you can RECEIVE the words of the Gospel during general conference or even church. I like what it says in this verse because it uses the words NEED and diligence. We need to study what we are taught. Listening and feeling the spirit is so awesome but with no action, we shall only receive a portion of this word."
MTC DAY 3 (I am just summarizing now.)
In the scriptures, prophets are commanded to cry repentance and the people often harden their hearts. I find this interesting because we have been taught as missionaries to build trust and then invite others to repent. Prophets can’t necessarily do that to a group of people. In my experience, one reason people harden their hearts is because if a stranger calls you out to repentance you will likely get VERY defensive. We are human and we have the tendency to be prideful. We learned that building trust could allow others to accept the gospel with a more humble attitude.

The missionary handbook is SO cool!! I decided to read it with my companion because she hasn’t read it yet and there are so many things to learn and so many promises. I am determined to be the best missionary I can be. The handbook has this great promise. "You will be expected to maintain the highest standards. You must strive to fulfill what the prophet says, live mission rules, follow counsel of mission president and devote ALL time and attention to serving the Lord, leaving behind ALL personal affairs, as you do these things the Lord will BLESS you and you will become an EFFECTIVE advocate and messenger for TRUTH.” Isn’t that everyone’s hope to be the best missionary. It continues saying more stuff and then it says obedience will show YOUR LOVE for him, earn TRUST and CONFIDENCE with nonmembers and members and qualify you for the companionship of the Holy Ghost.
God truly asks so little of us. And gives us so much!!

These AFRICAN people ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
They know the gospel SO well, not just spiritually but they understand the Book of Mormon so WELL! I am impressed by so many of them. I will share three examples of Elders I truly love.

Elder Maaka:(COMING to ZAMBIA)
He is a convert to the Church and went with the missionaries to teach BEFORE he was baptized because his family wouldn't allow him to be baptized. He is an incredible young man and he will be an example to his mission and to this world. His testimony is unreal, his knowledge of the Book of Mormon is incredible, His love for missionary work--no words can describe it. African culture is a little laid back compared to America and he works so hard for this Gospel. I am impressed and will forever look up to his happiness and positive attitude! I love that missionary!!

Elder Adjin:
Also a convert--his parents are giving him no support for his mission but he came anyway. He is a quiet guy but his testimony is beautiful and so good!!!!

Elder Nwandwe:
He has studied the scriptures so much and has many versus memorized. He quotes prophets all the time. He is AMAZING.

Most of the young men here are converts. I am surrounded by people whose testimonies remind me of Roman’s testimony. They have ALREADY given their whole heart to the Lord. I know personally I struggled with trust, ALWAYS second guessing my decisions. My whole heart was not with the Lord. Their whole heart was with the Lord from the time they knew the Gospel was true even before their mission. I am grateful for this trust I have gained in life and in the Lord because of their example. I know things will work out. Whatever is supposed to happen WILL happen.

The Church is in good hands in Africa. These Africans are amazing people. What a BLESSING to know them. The MTC has 17 missionaries total, 5 girls and 12 boys. 5 are white (2 from England, 1 from Finland)  1 Tahitian, the rest are African. 12 of the 17 are converts and 10 ARE AFRICAN!! They are the best!! Imagine being surrounded by those with the testimony of Roman and the humility and respect for this Gospel like Jeff.
Well love you all!!
This is long...
Probably won't get emails this long hahahah ever again!!

But I love you!! Thanks for everything
And don't worry about me. I am happy here and not homesick.