Sister Falco is a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Zambia Lusaka Mission. She will train at the South Africa MTC and arrive in Zambia on June 10th.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 3, 2014

Hey Family and Friends,

This week has been super good!! We’ve had some “father-led” lessons, which is always great and taught several in Area 47, which is even better!! We met two guys both named Geoffrey!! One was planning to be a priest but for some reason changed his mind. He is very aware of the dark ages or apostasy and agreed to read the Book of Mormon!! The other Geoffrey goes to a Pentecostal church but is interested in learning more about ours.

We went and visited Brother Mkwandawiri (the investigator from forever ago) and he thinks our Church is true but he doesn’t fully understand why he needs to leave his Church. This guy is pure. Our hope is to get him to read the Book of Mormon every night and hopefully he will progress and have the desire to come and visit. We will see! He’s a good guy!

This week someone asked me what it means to depend on the Lord so I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic. To me, depending on the Lord means we are humble, knowing we can't do anything without him. It doesn’t mean that we spend time putting ourselves down. I love the example of the yoke used with oxen.  If one animal is doing more work than the other, then they will go in circles. They need to be equally yoked to move forward. We all have access to God and if we seek God, we’ll find Him. Investigators sometimes don’t progress because they don't take the time to seek God. They are comfortable where they are. It comes down to agency. If we want to PROGRESS in life, we need to yoke ourselves with God and work hard to follow His ways.

Well…I love you guys!! You’re GOOD PEOPLE. Remember to read your scriptures and pray!

Sister Falco :)

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