Sister Falco is a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Zambia Lusaka Mission. She will train at the South Africa MTC and arrive in Zambia on June 10th.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Forever Lilongwe!

April 20, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

I am grateful to be a missionary!!!!! It’s the best!!!!!! And I am so grateful to be serving here in Malawi. Forever Lilongwe! (Sister Falco has served in the same city—Lilongwe--and lived in the same apartment the first 11 months of her mission—she may be here forever!)

It was a great week. We had one baptism in area 25 (Sister Quaye & I’s area - Kalambo) and one in area 47 (Sister Rasband’s area) all in one day!!! It was crazy but it was great!!!! WE BARELY made it to area 47, saw him baptized and then had to quickly leave for the next one. It was sweet, though!!! We’re still in a three-some. Sister Rasband’s companion should get her VISA soon and arrive this week! It’s been kind of tough working in my old area . . . definitely bittersweet. I miss my first area ALOT and don't realize it until I am actually there.

We have not had a chance to watch General Conference! The plan is to do so this Saturday and Sunday... And I am SO EXCITED. I feel like Conference has a whole new meaning for missionaries. I’ve always liked Conference but I get sooooo excited for it on mission.

Recently, I’ve focused my studies on gratitude. Being grateful in every circumstance is important but not always easy. I never noticed before how often in the scriptures it commands us to be grateful to God for ALL things.  I loved when Elder Uchtdorf said, "being grateful is a catalyst to all Christ-like attributes,” and “ a thankful heart is the parent to all virtues."

It’s so true! As we practice being grateful, other virtues will be developed! Charity comes when we are thankful for the good we see in others. Patience comes when we feel gratitude knowing someone is doing the best they can, even if it’s not all we had hoped for. Hope comes when we see the small miracles in life and realize how grateful we are for them. I know being thankful leads to a joyful life and my hope is to develop a more grateful attitude in my life. I want to be more positive even in trials and be grateful for them because I know I will grow and learn from them.

Life is a blessing--a huge blessing! I’m so grateful for my life and the opportunities that are mine. I’m grateful for the wonderful people I’ve met on my mission and the things they’ve taught me. I’m grateful for the Gospel and I know it’s true!! I’m so, so blessed!!

Love to you all!

Sister Falco

Sweet Baptisms

April 13, 2015
Hey Family and Friends,

This week has been great!!!!!! We had some sweet baptisms with some of the best people!!! Hope is the best! She is a powerful lady who has faced so much opposition but she still followed the spirit and I am truly proud of her!!! She is an example to me. I don’t think I could of done what she did. It is crazy how much the people here teach me!
We had a great baptism with Justine, too!! Justine’s story is great—he has this group of friends in Dubai (in her area) who are so funny! They always joke and laugh about the Gospel, have debates about doctrine. One day Justine joined in  and is now a member!
I am grateful to be a missionary!!!!!!
This week was interviews with President Erickson.  He is such a good person. My interview was interesting. I did most of the talking and usually it’s him teaching me through the scriptures. I was telling him how I sometimes struggle understanding and trusting Heavenly Father when I see people and all the challenges they go through. I’m okay with my life but when I see others’ lives, I start to wonder. President encouraged me to look at things with an eternal perspective. I’m learning that when I put my full trust in Heavenly Father with concerns in my life, it is easier to trust Him with other’s lives as well. President Erickson is a good man and teaching me so much!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes that I got in my emails! I love you all!!

Sister Falco
Hope & Justine's Baptism Day
 Hope, Sister Quaye, Justine, Sister Falco

 Sisters Falco, Quaye and Rasband with Hope

Three Beautiful Daughters of God

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mission is the Best!! Everyone Should Go!!

April 6, 2015

Hey Family and Friends,

I am very grateful to be a missionary!!! It’s the best experience ever!!! I don't know!!! It’s so sweet!!!!! I love it so much!!! I hope that I never wish away any experience of any day and learn to be grateful for everything that happens as a missionary!!! It’s the best!!! It truly is!!! Mission is the best but so is life!!! We are here to learn and grow!! And I am grateful that I get to learn so much from my mission!! I am grateful to be a missionary!!! The things that I never even expected to learn on mission I am learning. It’s a huge blessing. Mission! Everyone should do it!!! It’s the best!!! Best in the world!!! I really hope to be able to do what my mission president says and let my mission lay a foundation for my eternity.

Our investigator, Hope, should be being baptized this week!!!! She is the most beautiful Malawian I have ever met!! I am so happy for her!!! And same with Justine—he is a great guy too!!

One of our investigators is Andy. He is the cutest. I don't get emotional very often but as we were teaching him this week, I think it’s the first lesson maybe second I have gotten emotional in. We were teaching Andy and his Mom finally decided to join us. She started asking about the Book of Mormon so we started to teach her about it. Well…Andy cuts in and said, “Mom turn to Mosiah 13” and then he starts reading to her and saying,  “See Mom, the Book of Mormon is not against God or against the Bible—there’s the Ten Commandments! It works hand and hand with the Bible. He was just so, so excited to share the Gospel with his mom. It was the best moment on mission so far. It was precious. When we first met Andy, his Mom was crazy.  She kind of chased us away but by the end of the lesson, she started thanking my companion and me and saying “Andy has never been come to church and now he is sharing the word with me and it’s just amazing! I don't know how you guys did it but thank you!” She gave us chicken and pumpkins. Mission is incredible. I hope I never forget this experience, watching Andy explaining his love for the Gospel to his Mom. It was a priceless moment. I love mission. How can I ever go home? I won't lie--I don't think I will ever be ready to come home. It’s the best! Mission is the best!

Well this week we have been up at 4:30 three days in a row. Only in Malawi! Sister Muthengi (trainee) was being transferred to Zambia. We go to the airport, her flight had been canceled. So we take her the next day to the airport. Then the next day we were sending off a missionary from Malawi to Uganda--Priscilla. Truly one of the best people I know!! I’m sad to have her leave, but I am so excited to have her experience a mission. She is ready, more ready than anyone. And then Sister Rasband's companion never came because of visa problems! Maybe next week we’ll see her. We as a threesome have been working in Area 47 (my old area) and Area 49 (my current area) It’s been really hard to be in my old area. I miss the people there soooo much! But it’s been good!!!! Its not where you serve--its the people and how you serve!!

Mission is a blessing, a HUGE blessing; I wish that every person in the Church had the opportunity to serve a mission. I know it’s not a requirement for girls, but it’s the best. It’s hard to explain how good it is until you get here. YOU learn so much. DESIRE is the key. If you have a desire to serve—DO IT--Because this desire will pull you through every hard time. And it will change you!!

I’m grateful for you all!!!!!!!!!!!! I love being a missionary.
Sister Falco

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Photos from April 6th Email

Photo Shoot @ Train Station

 Sister Falco, Sister Quaye, Sister Rasband

 My favorite part of this photo...the little guy peeking out the doorway.