Sister Falco is a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Zambia Lusaka Mission. She will train at the South Africa MTC and arrive in Zambia on June 10th.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

 Zebras & Sisters

Hey Family and Friends!!

How are you guys doing? Mission is sweet! I am so grateful for my mission. I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the importance of considering what our motive is for doing things. We can follow the commandments because 1) we want the blessings or recognition, 2) we are afraid of the punishment or what others think, or 3) because we love our Heavenly Father. I hope to be able to do everything for the right reason. I know I may fall short at times but my goal is to follow the Lord and do what he expects 100% of the time and do it because I love Him--not because of fear or because I want the blessings and not because I want others to think I’m a good person. I want to follow Him and serve Him because I love Him. That’s my goal.

Well, here’s an update from last Pday. First off, sorry I didn't write many people back last week. Our Zone went to Lake Malawi and a wildlife reserve park! (See photos) It was sweet! We were literally five feet away from zebras! We also saw giraffes. And, Lake Malawi is beautiful!! It was fun to get out and see more of this beautiful country.

Update on our investigators…
Anita is progressing. She is preparing herself to be baptized on the 14th!! I’m pretty excited. She has been to church many times and is ready. Pray for the adversary to stay away from her! haha:) She is the girl who went to a couple of churches and kept having dreams that they weren't real pastors. And then we came and she’s been coming to church ever since! She’s awesome!!

Enoch is also progressing! He is 12 years old! He is our branch missionary’s younger brother! Super sweet guy!! We need to teach their parents!! The mom is willing but the father is a Jehovah Witness and not interested. They are willing to let their children be baptized so its super sweet!

Sis Lungzi!! She is also preparing herself to be baptized! She’s from Area 47 and lives right behind the church! She’s a great lady. She decided to attend our Church because when she walked past our building, she felt such a strong spirit! She was prepared and is so ready to receive the blessings of the Gospel! SO HAPPY! Her baptism is scheduled for the 14th.

Peter still needs to talk to his wife but he wasn’t paid at work because it’s a nonprofit company and they didn’t get sponsors so he can’t afford to travel to where his wife lives. He is super prepared as well and he loves the church. And he always participates in Sunday school. It’s awesome!
One thing I feel like I have learned a lot about lately is agency, our ability to choose. We have a lot more control over our life than we realize. We choose how we react to circumstances. We may choose to compare our "bad life" to someone’s "good life" but really, it’s our decision whether our life will be good or bad. We choose to follow the commandments because we love God. We get to decide how our relationships will be with our families and others. Agency is a powerful thing that our Heavenly Father has given us, and Satan is trying to convince us that we don't have it. Our Heavenly Father gave us the gift of agency and I’m so grateful for it!
That’s all for this week.
With Love,

Sister Falco

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