Sister Falco is a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Zambia Lusaka Mission. She will train at the South Africa MTC and arrive in Zambia on June 10th.

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Monday - July 28, 2014
What a great day! My comp and I decided to go out to our area early because all we had to do today was email and buy food and my comp was out of money. (Tell Dad I’m putting her on a budget! haha). We went to Ntsiliza and taught George and Jennifer!! It was cool. George’s dad used to think the Church was satanic but he let us in and even stayed and listened to the lesson. I wish I could speak their language! George told us that he didn't come to Church because he is really struggling trying to decide if the Sabbath is on Saturday and Sunday. He’s so genuine. I love it. We then took a taxi home and went to area 9 and taught Love and Ken the Plan of Salvation. When we go there, they had the Liahona open from Church and were reading it so that was great.

Tuesday - July 29, 2014 -TWO MONTHS on my mission...crazy!
We saw Brian and taught him the Word of Wisdom. We then saw Catherine who had told us she was interested in learning about the Plan of Salvation and Baptisms for the Dead. (They had talked about it in Church.) Catherine’s lessons are always so spiritual and she is super prepared for baptism. (Read later…she’s actually not, but this is what I have written down.) We then saw the Ugandan family! Charlotte is now acting like a real investigator and FINALLY reading the Book of Mormon on her own!

Wednesday - July 30, 2014
Today was great! We went to Ntsiliza. We saw Alice…just kidding--fall through. We saw Sis Thomas…just kidding--another fall through. We saw Crissy…just kidding--fall through. No one was home for their appointments!  But it’s fine. But we did see Jennifer and taught the Plan of Salvation but she didn't come to church again! We need her to be serious!! SHES A MIRACLE WOMAN WHO ISN'T PROGRESSING AT ALL.

We did see George and taught him about the Sabbath and the importance of the Sacrament. He liked the lesson and I learned a lot. (I didn't know that the Sabbath used to be on Saturday.)

We had the Devo (devotional) at the Mwales!! So many members came! Like everyone!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!...but they came an hour late. Haha! The branch is being strengthened—we had so many people at Church!! It was a miracle!!! The Devos that each companionship is doing is strengthening the branch a ton!!

Thursday - July 31,2014

"Mormon Not for Me". Anyone who knows The District knows that line… and anyone who's served a mission. And, it happened three times today. But it was still a great day. We met two investigators!! New ones!!! Emmette’s parents asked us to stop coming to teach him which is sad because his life is destroyed because of his addictions. My companion and I felt like we were making progress with him and know the Gospel will be such a  strength to him. We met with Tongwe, and she said at the gate that she was busy and that “Mormon Not for Me”. We also got a text from Catherine who we thought was so ready for baptism and she said she is not interested in meeting with us anymore. We tried calling her and then texted her but no response. It’s a bummer for sure but something that’s just part of being a missionary.

Friday - Aug 1, 2014
We met this guy who calls himself "Prophet Elijah”. He honestly seems pretty interested but he definitely believes he’s a prophet. SO we will see. We then went and talked with Alenah and Austin. Good people!! Allenah had asked for another one of our booklets and LOVED learning about it. She even took notes! She has tons of potential. Her brother, Austin, wasn't really paying attention but still it was awesome!!

We then met with Brother Mkwandawiri and taught him about prophets. We committed him to read this really good talk I found for him on Monday. It’s by James E. Faust and is on the Restoration and the Reformers. We also gave him a Liahona and had him read a talk by our current prophet, President Monson.

We met with a new investigator and the fist thing she said was, I want to meet with you because my son isn’t a believer anymore. What a great lady. I love that these Malawians are so centered on Christ! She said she found Christ in 2004 and she dropped her partying and drinking. It’s great to see someone who has changed their life.
Saturday – August 2, 2014
We worked with this organization called Operation Smile--COOLEST COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It made me want to become a surgeon! For sure, I’ll stick to being a nurse!! Look up the company and donate!! There are more than 60 volunteers who come to help kids who have cleft lips and other facial deformities. Tell Jeff to do it in the summer! He would love it!! Life changing for these kids!! I will send some pictures hopefully today in pouch mail. Many of these kids have been made fun of their whole lives. One lady told me, “My daughter will be able to go to school now. Everyday she would come home and cry because the kids would make fun of her.” Many of the kids are completely segregated from towns because of the belief that they are cursed with this from the devil. Sister Erickson was there! (Mission President’s wife) I hope to do something like this one day.

We had interviews with President Erickson. HES THE COOLEST GUY EVER!!!!! HE IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF CHARITY!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!! I have gained so much respect for that man!! He’s so good and has such a great vision for our mission! He talked to me and told me some things that were definitely inspired because without it, he wouldn’t know them.

Sunday - August 3, 2014
Fast Sunday!! It was a great day to be in Malawi!! We taught Love and Ken and we ran into this lady who knew all about the church and was interested to learn more!! Missions are great!!

Answers to Questions
The weather is GREAT!! It’s getting hotter and we’re told it will get really hot in October. Every Malawian is telling me about it! So that will be an adventure.

We work in both rich and poor areas. The poorer area is SUPER humble and they are willing to meet with you whenever and even when they are less active they are willing to meet with you and love having you there. And when you ask them to be better they really try to do it. But they are also very carefree and are always late to everything. Those who aren’t so poor will welcome you in and are SUPER kind. They are usually not really interested in the Gospel but want to have foreigners as friends. In the richer area where we work, most go to school out of the country in the UK. Another challenge we have is getting inside the gates of the homes. They have garden boys or guards who always answer the door and NEVER let you in. They call out, "the missionaries are here" and, of course, the boss isn't going to come out. They all know the Bible super well. And many people are Pentecostal believing that you are saved by grace.

My companion is GREAT!! She’s from South Africa--super spunky and outgoing and a hard worker!!

We don't really get fed a lot except when we are in Ntsiliza but we only work there one day a week and even then, we don't get fed that often. The food they eat in the village is called Sima—which is Poshu and beans, which we ate in Uganda!! It’s good but we seldom eat it because we go to an American shopping place and buy meat and food and do our own cooking.

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