Sister Falco is a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Zambia Lusaka Mission. She will train at the South Africa MTC and arrive in Zambia on June 10th.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 14, 2014

We asked Carly to tell us about the six sisters she lives with. And she answered--One is from Canada, two from Utah (Sister Proctor is one of them--I went to lunch with her before my mission), one from Ghana and one from Zimbabwe (there’s seven but the one from Zimbabwe is leaving tomorrow) and then me and my companion who is from South Africa.
July 8, 2014 - Monday
We had a Zone Meeting today! Our ZLS are great; they put a lot of effort into planning. We taught Nzinza after that! He’s great but he’s hard. He refuses to read the Book of Mormon. He says he can't believe in the Bible if he reads the Book of Mormon. He is a wise man and if he reads the Book of Mormon, he would gain a testimony. I’m sure of it.

We also taught Mkanadawir today. He is the best! I seriously love that man. He knows everything is true. He just has to be willing to change. I know it’s hard for him. His life is so centered on Christ. He really is someone I look up to who genuinely tries to have his will swallowed up in Heavenly Father’s.

We saw Grace. She’s a great lady!!! She was sick though. Also visited with Paul but didn’t have time to teach him and saw Belta on the street. Good day!

July 9, 2014 - Tuesday
We met with Robert who is awesome and a good guy. He always gets side tracked but he committed to be baptized so that’s good!!

Fred!! WE TAUGHT FRED!! Woohoo!! We taught him about temples and about the true church. He asked, “Why does everyone at your church believe that it’s the only true church?” We explained how some people have some truth but not all of it. And then he was like "if this is the only true church and no one knows about it then we have got a lot of work to do!!" His testimony is there. He just needs to get it confirmed. He hopefully will be baptized the 27th.

We also taught Cynthia, today.  She is 20 years old and a beautiful girl!! She invited her two friends for the lesson. It was a great lesson!!! Great referrals!!

July 11, 2014 - Thursday
Spent some time in Nseliza. We taught two less actives and invited them to Institute but they didn't come. We taught Patrick who is a good guy but doesn't really believe in God.

July 12, 2014 - Friday
We had coordination today. Man our Branch missionaries, Vincent and Saukani, literally dedicate their lives to serving the Lord. AND GUESS WHAT?!! Their passports came!! AWESOME RIGHT!???! SOO good!! I’m so happy for them!! They can now go on their missions finally after over a year of waiting. They basically serve missions by translating for us. They are great!!

We met quickly with Mkandawiri and reminded him to read. And then we had to meet with the Branch President. Man he’s a good guy. We need to figure out how to get Institute to kick off and Elder Jorgensen came up with an idea to do a big devotional with food to get it going. Hopefully it’ll be good.
July 13, 2014 - Sunday
Awesome! THE ZLS went to a new area to administer the sacrament. These people are members but they can’t attend church because they live too far away. They will do this every other week and soon a new area will be there, I’m sure. 35 people showed up!! Awesome!! :) It was great.
We had 4 investigators come to Church!

Love you!
Sister Falco

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