Sister Falco is a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Zambia Lusaka Mission. She will train at the South Africa MTC and arrive in Zambia on June 10th.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 16, 2014

Hi family and friends. . .

We arrived in Zambia and my mission has finally begun! Our mission president is a gentle and kind guy, but you can tell he is strict but in the best way possible. He is so loving. His wife is very sweet as well. The mission has doubled in size since my mission president has been here (1 year). The growth of the Church is awesome. They have to make strong center points and build out. Something that is even cooler about the growth is that the people are already meeting without any assistance from the missionaries.

My first area is in Milawi!! Lilongwe is a nice city, not like Johannesburg but we have hot water and we use the couples’ washer and dryer. And the BEST part--we have a truck! What a perfect mission!

The flight to Malawi was literally the craziest thing I have ever done. It was 1 hour and 45 minutes long and the airplane was about the size of a bus with 19 seats and 7 windows. Crazy! There was no bathroom and I had to go to the bathroom the whole time. And I could only bring one suitcase and the weight limit was 50 pounds. The AP's will bring the rest of my things when they visit my area.

The food is the same as in Uganda but the grocery stores are WAY nicer with more access to American food.  Road conditions are better than in Uganda and the people are AWESOME.

My companion and I are whitewashing an area. The area book has no investigators though... so yeah. It’s literally white washing with no direction. So we have been tracting and tracting and no one wants to hear our message. But it’s okay!!! We went and visited members the first day to find referrals and the spirit is so strong! It’s SO awesome!!! It really is!! The GOSPEL really is the best way to raise a family. It really is! If you remember what you are doing--you are bringing people unto Christ. It makes things a lot easier when you tract all day long and get one lesson in—it’s hard but it’s fine. It really does make things easier when you remember your purpose and the importance of what you are doing. The mission is awesome. It really is!!

We did get to teach Msue. She is AWESOME!! Super prepared by the Lord!!! She will be a golden investigator. She is a young girl and she is wondering about where she will go after life! She asked us for the Book of Mormon because someone gave her a pamphlet. She is a sweet, sweet girl!! She has such a good spirit about her!! I feel so much love for her even though I barely know her!!

We also taught Andrew--He is awesome and super sweet!! He’s a good guy!! And, we taught Jonathan--He is a Pentecostal and he believes that he is already in the kingdom of God. So he’s a little tough! His friend was there and was just telling us all his beliefs. Other than that we have just tracted!! but its still good!!

And English speaking mission?? haha funny. It’s Chewa (Malawi's main language) with English! Both for sure!!! Chewa is more common though!! President Mckay is genius. well…He relies on God obviously!! (President McKay blessed her with the gift of tongues when she was set apart).

I don’t know if I added this in my last email but this happened at the MTC.  They had investigators come and practice with us. I didn’t know it at the time but I had to teach a nonmember and the best part is I found out AFTER that the investigators were Elder Maakas family. He got to teach them after me. He told us that his family wasn’t interested in the Gospel before he left on his mission but when they were helping us practice, they ended up with a testimony. Both Elder Maaka and his family were crying!! I hope they get baptized or converted!! So awesome!!

I remember watching Elder Bednar’s video about Africa and how there are people meeting with no assistance from the missionaries and thinking that oh that’s so cool, but probably not that common! Well, it is common!! And, it’s happening in our mission too!!

There’s a place in Africa where 25-30 NONMEMBERS meet and act like a "branch" They even have an investigator class! UNREAL right!! How blessed I am to be serving in a place where the Church is so young and growing. Even though Satan is in war with righteousness, Heavenly Father’s power is ALWAYS greater. We have to remember that! We are never powerless if we depend on our Heavenly Father!

A minister just recently found the Book of Mormon. He has read it and believes it is true. He recently contacted the Church for copies. Cool, right? A minister!  But want to know what makes this story even cooler. He isn't just a minister of 20 or 30 people, but 400 people attend his CHURCH!! This CHURCH IS TRUE AND THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE!!

I have a testimony of this Gospel through prayer and consistently searching the scriptures. A boy could NOT translate or "write a book" so powerful unless it was through God. There is NO possible way. Every verse has meaning. It’s so powerful and amazing! And I’m grateful for this Gospel and everything I've learned! And because I know it’s true, I must DILIGENTLY seek after it. We must be constantly trying and reading and praying. God knew it wouldn't be easy so we needed to have a Savior!! What a blessing and perfect plan! He knew we would make mistakes so he gave us Christ BUT WE MUST turn our hearts to Christ and lean on him!

By the way, internet speed is HORRIBLE but our president let's us take as much time as we need with emails as long as we're respectful to our companion.



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