Sister Falco is a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Zambia Lusaka Mission. She will train at the South Africa MTC and arrive in Zambia on June 10th.

Friday, May 30, 2014

May 29, 2014

Note from Carly's Mom: This email was written just 2 hours after landing in South Africa. She had traveled 45 hours with two overnight flights. Esther Butali, her MTC companion, is a young girl she met last summer while doing her humanitarian trip in Uganda.  Small world!!

So basically this is what’s happened so far...
The flight to SLC to Chicago was good. There was nothing that happened significant. I met two missionaries there. One was a girl and one was an elder!
They were really awesome!! They were really fun!! Really, really, nice.
The sister is coming to Zambia with me. She was really nice. She’s really realistic and nice and the elder is staying in South Africa. He will be an awesome missionary. He is a hard worker--born and raised as a farmer.
The plane ride to Chicago to London:
This was a good plane ride. I had a good experience sleeping at the beginning. The young girl next to me had two asthma attacks, and the best part was that her other daughter got food allergies and was swelling up and couldn't breath. So I was awake for the whole time watching her daughter that had the asthma attacks. Poor mom. Haha…crazy experience.

We had an 11-hour layover and we went out and saw London. It was awesome!! It really was! But still I was basically done with London. One day I will be able to just enjoy London when I am rested and not on layovers. I decided that every museum that was there I wanted to go see. Museums are awesome. I know I’ve had a change of heart but really. We didn't go and see any but really I feel like museums are like Disneyland for old people. Hahaha I didn't like museums before. I dunno. London was pretty good, but still I was pretty tired
Flight from London to South Africa
The lady I sat by moved from South Africa to England. The whole ride down she was telling me how dangerous my mission was. So that was comforting. Haha. But really it was kind of funny and it was good. She was talking to me because I was not that worried about it. She was really nice though. She asked about Mormons. She said her son when he was to Utah?? fed them and he loved the Mormons. So moral of the story she just asked about what we believed in.
We met up with three more Elder in London. Holy cow. It’s SO FUN!! I love the elders because they are like all foreigners and they all have their England accents.
2 were from England
1 was from Finland!

The Finland boy and his whole family are Mormon.
One of the boys from England was the only active member.
He told me he enjoyed gaming as his hobby so that was cool!
And the other was the only member in his family!!
That’s so cool to me!! That they all came on missions with little or no support! So cool!!
South Africa:
South Africa is awesome!!! It’s like America. It’s so rich here!!! Like incredible!!
And guess who’s my MTC companion! ESTHER!! BUTALI! AWESOME RIGHT???
It was an awesome reunion!!
Well I love you family!!!
Sister Falco

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